Baseball Topper 2

Program Information

Baseball Academy Goals

  1. To provide an opportunity for students to pursue their passion and develop their baseball skills within school hours.
  2. To provide student athletes with an environment conducive to personal development both athletically and socially.
  3. To provide an avenue for student athletes to understand and enjoy the benefits of good physical health through consistent exercise/nutrition/training.
  4. To provide a positive learning environment and promote the importance of team work towards a common goal.
  5. To assist students in developing SMART goals and support students through their personal learning plans.
  6. To provide student’s with knowledge of post-secondary athletic and academic scholarship opportunities.
  7. To establish a positive attitude, good work habits and a high level of enthusiasm towards the sport of Baseball.

Facts about the Program

  • This academy is open to students in Grades 8 – 12
  • Two blocks in a student’s timetable
  • Students enrolled in other Delta Secondary Schools may attend Sands Secondary part-time to participate in the Baseball Academy.
  • Transportation to the academy occurs during Lunch
  • Receive credit for PE at the appropriate grade and Baseball 8 -12
  • Total of 8 credits per year toward graduation (Grade 10 -12)
  • Facilities include Mackie Diamond, Mackie Turf field, Delsom park, The Ballyard at Sport central and Sands/Sungod gym facilities

Please note:  For a fee, transportation is currently provided to Sands Baseball Academy from  Burnsview, Seaquam, Delta and South Delta Secondary.  Bussing is not provided from Delview or North Delta Secondary.

Uniform & Equipment

A $200 Uniform Fee will supply students with Baseball pants, T-shirts, Shorts, Hoodie and Hat.

Students must supply their own runners, cleats, glove, bat and helmet.