Spring Update

May 2019

The Sands Baseball Academy has had a good start to the spring. With improved weather, we have been enjoying our time spent back on the baseball field after a winter of hard work in the cages. Getting back on the diamond has allowed us to include elements of team defence and situational awareness into practice, while continuing to reinforce the individual skills developed throughout the winter.

With baseball seasons beginning to get under way, we have begun preparing to compete. This has included on field batting practice, situational hitting, situational base running, team defence, live defensive reads off the bat, managing throwing programs, and creating bullpen routines.

The coaching staff is looking forward to the spring and continuing to work with the students to develop their skills and understanding of the game.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at ebrown@deltasd.bc.ca

Eric Brown

Teacher Coordinator

Sands Baseball Academy

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